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health, safety & environment policy

Hygeia dental care is committed to giving the highest priority to health, safety and the environment.We will conduct all our activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner by:

• Operating in accordance with the highest standards of dental care; and
• Operating in accordance with health, safety and environmental best practice; and
• Using appropriately trained and qualified staff and service providers.

We will consult and involve our employees and other interested parties with the aim of avoiding ill health, accidents and damage to the environment.

We will:

• Comply with all relevant legislation;
• Identify those with responsibility for managing or for carrying out procedures and make them responsible for the safety and environmental consequences of those activities;
• Become an example of health, safety and environmental best practice within the dental profession;
• Maintain, review and where possible improve our safety and environmental performance year by year.

Hygeia Dental Care not only believes that the achievement of high standards in health, safety and environmental practice is the sign of a responsible employer, but that this is also central to our continued success.

The full general risk assessment and radiography risk assessment are also available on this site.

Dr Joanne Giddy, Principal
Mr Neil Phillips, Practice Director

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