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pricing and payment policy


pricing and payment policy

This is hygeia’s policy governing pricing, payments, debt collection and all matters concerned with financial transactions involving our customers.


private treatment only

Hygeia provides private treatment only. We do not provide services under the NHS.



We operate a clear and open pricing policy; meaning we aim to ensure that everyone understands what we charge for our services. We do this in the following ways:

  • We give clear verbal explanations of treatment costs.
  • We provide costed treatment plans (IE estimates) to everyone.
  • We always offer receipts and itemised statements when payments are made.
  • We are happy to provide additional copies of treatment plans, receipts and statements on request.
  • Our price list is on display in reception.
  • Our price list is on display in each surgery.
  • Copies of our price list are available on request (including a large print version).
  • Our price list is published on our website.
  • Sample prices are published on our Facebook page and on Google My Business.
  • Pages on our website that give details of treatments include guide prices.


methods of payment

We accept payment by cash, cheque, debit card, credit card (not including American Express) and BACS transfer. We can accept card payments in person and by telephone.


terms of payment

We ask that patients pay for individual treatments on the day they are completed. For example, where a filling is done, we would complete this at a single appointment and would ask them to pay for it the same day. This is true even when the filling forms part of a larger “course of treatment”: payment is due at the time the individual items of treatment are completed, not at the end of the entire course.

Where treatments involve more than one visit (eg crowns, inlays, veneers, bridges, dentures, some root canal treatments, etc) we ask that the patient pays an amount at the first appointment and the balance at the final appointment (approximately half the total cost each time).


receipts and itemised statements

We always offer receipts and full, itemised statements when payments are made. Patients can also request a copy of a receipt issued or a fully itemised statement at any time and we will be happy to provide this.


treatment plans (estimates)

When treatment is proposed, we provide a fully itemised, written treatment plan with a breakdown of costs.  Itemised statements detailing treatment already done and charges for this are also available on request at any time (see above).


payment by instalments

Interest-free instalment payments are available on request. The amount and frequency of payments to be made must be agreed with the practice before treatment commences.

It is our policy to ask for a minimum payment of £100 per calendar month and to set the payments at a level such that the total cost of the current treatment plan will not take more than 12 months to repay. For example, if a treatment plan will cost £600, we will ask for a minimum payment of £100 per calendar month. Where a treatment plan is expected to cost £6,000 we will ask for a minimum payment of £500 per calendar month.

Payments will normally be made by BACS but may also be arranged by making card payments over the telephone.

The practice is authorised as a consumer credit firm by the Financial Conduct Authority (formerly the Office of Fair Trading).



Where a patient has dental insurance (eg Tesco/AXA or Simplyhealth) we will be happy to complete the necessary claim forms for them and to collate the supporting documentation required free of charge. We will also supply any necessary records and explanations to the insurer free of charge (subject to appropriate consent).

We are unable to submit claim forms until payment has been made in full. This is because the forms require us to certify that full payment has been received.

It remains the responsibility of the patient to make payment to the practice of any monies due, whether the insurer accepts that it is liable to reimburse the patient or not.


collection of outstanding accounts

In the rare event that we need to collect an unpaid account, we will attempt to reach the patient by telephone to request payment. Only where we are unable to do so (or the patient has expressed a preference for a different means of communication) will we resort to SMS text messages, emails or letters.

In the even rarer event that payment is still not forthcoming, we reserve the right to refer the matter to a debt collection agency of our choice (see also our Data Protection Privacy Notice).

We reserve the right to charge interest on any account that remains outstanding for more than one month without our prior agreement.


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