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Do you hate dental injections?

Don’t like the way they make your face numb so you can’t eat or speak properly?

Maybe you even worry about drooling on yourself after an injection?

Does a fear of injections prevent you from visiting the dentist when you know you should?

Well, you don’t need to worry any more.

We have a system called “The Wand”. It means we can anaesthetise a tooth without the need for a traditional dental “block” injection. It’s quick and pain-free – plus it won’t make your face and lips go numb.

We know that some patients get nervous at the mere sight of a needle or syringe. The Wand has a small lightweight handpiece that resembles a pen – it’s completely non-threatening and eliminates the “fear effect” of dental anaesthesia.

Better still, the Wand is actually more reliable than traditional dental “block” injections – virtually eliminating situations where the dentist can’t “get you numb” so you don’t end up having multiple jabs or even having to delay treatment ’til another day.

Finally, it achieves all this while actually using a smaller amount of anaesthetic drug than a conventional approach.

The Wand’s C-CLAD (computer-controlled local anaesthetic delivery) technology administers anaesthetic in a different way, improving its effectiveness and greatly improving your comfort.

It’s an important element in our approach to pain-free dentistry.

Patients often don’t even realise that they’ve been given any anaesthetic – because, unlike a traditional injection, they feel literally nothing at all when it’s administered.

The Wand creates profound anaesthesia in the tooth that’s being treated without the unwanted collateral numbness of the face, lips and tongue that accompanies traditional dental anaesthesia; so it makes dental visits easier and more comfortable for you and your family.

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