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Do you hate dental injections?

Don’t like the way they make your face numb so you can’t eat or speak properly?

Maybe you even worry about drooling on yourself after an injection?

Does a fear of injections prevent you from visiting the dentist when you know you should?

Well, you don’t need to worry any more. We have a new system called “The Wand”. It means we can anaesthetise a tooth without the need for a traditional dental injection. It’s quick, pain-free and reliable – plus it won’t make your face and lips go numb.

We know that some patients get more nervous about than others at the mere sight of a needle and syringe. The Wand is a small lightweight handpiece that resembles a pen, in non-threatening manner eliminating the ‘bee sting’ effect.

There are many other reasons people give for coming to Hygeia:

The Wand’s C-CLAD (computer-controlled local anaesthetic delivery) technology administers anaesthetic in a different way, improving its effectiveness and greatly improving your comfort. It’s an important element in our approach to pain-free dentistry.

Patients often say……. ‘When are you going to do it?’What can you expect with the Wand?

The fist thing you can expect is to smile as the Wand is a computer unit and looks like a modern piece of equipment, unlike an old fashioned syringe.

You will notice your dentist will look more comfortable using the Wand hand piece, as it is simply held like a pen,

When it comes to going to the dentist you might not look forward to that appointment. However The Wand makes the visit easier and more comfortable for you and your family.

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