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It can be hard to find the right dentist. So to help you decide, here are some customer reviews written by our patients. Now you can see for yourself why they choose hygeia dental care.

Hygeia is about the expertise and care of its staff – who are brilliant at what they do. They are very skilled and up to date. I do believe that Jo – and the whole team – really try to deliver an excellent service – and succeed. Everyone is treated as an individual – with great care and respect. We could all live a long time – taking care of our teeth and gums is worth the money – and Louise is a whizz in helping with claiming from the dental insurance (defo a good deal). Thank you to the whole team. Try them yourself.

Celia Atherton, Harberton, Devon

I love it here! Coming here has really changed my life. I had a really severe dental phobia and thought I’d never be able to get dental work done – but here I am three fillings later! I’ve felt really listened to and supported throughout my treatment here.

All the staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming, including the Practice Cat, Kernow. I am so glad I’ve found this Dental Practice. Thank you!

Charlotte Frow Cole, Newton Abbot, Devon

Cannot recommend Hygeia highly enough. On a pensioners budget it is expensive but worth every penny. From Louise’s delightful reception and customer service complete with the best coffee in town to Jo’s truly professional and gentle treatment this practice has it all. I’ve been with them since they started and have had root canal treatment, tooth removal; countless crowns and fillings, you name it I’ve had it without a single fault. As a confirmed wimp I do not do pain but no one can beat Jo for comfortable and thorough care. Simply the best.

Steven Bottomley, Totnes, Devon

Jo is a highly skilled dentist – the best I have ever had. She works quickly and confidently with minimum discomfort for the patient. She is a perfectionist and it matters to her that all work done is carried out to the highest standards. I used to think that all dentists were the same in terms of qualifications, experience and use of materials but I have come to realise that a few are much better than the others and Jo is one of them!

Kate Mount, Dartington, Devon

Jo has restored my faith in going to the dentist – she is my own tooth angel! I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jo to anybody who has a fear of dentists, not to mention the lovely work she has done on my teeth. A kind, competent and wonderful practitioner. Thank you Jo.

Jas Rivers, Ashburton, Devon

I am truly fortunate to have found Hygeia Dental Practice. Deep rooted fear of dentists had prevented me from visiting a dentist for years. The warm greeting from Louise, the receptionist, inspired me to express my fears an ask for help. My 1st appointment has confirmed and reassured me that I made the right choice. Jo, the wonderful dentist and her nurse, greeted me with kindness, understanding, enthusiasm and professionalism, This has truly been the best decision I could have made and I am the happiest I have felt in years. All thanks to Jo and her staff at Hygeia. I would recommend this practice very highly.

Pru Howes, Dartington, Devon

I have avoided dentists all my life as I’m highly sensitive and have always been petrified. It wasn’t until my 73rd year that, luckily, I encountered Jo Giddy at Hygeia. I’ve been working with her for the last two years, gradually gaining confidence, with my fear lessening – and now almost gone. Her compassion, patience and empathy are priceless and her work on my teeth is excellent. I’ve also found Louise, the Receptionist, compassionate and empathetic. I am patting myself on the back, too, and cannot believe that, this late in the day, I have an ongoing relationship with a dentist! I’m completely delighted and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo to anyone.

Eileen Furgerson, Rattery, Devon

Choosing this practice was one of the best decisions of my life! The reception area is so tranquil; Louise is lovely and welcoming and so efficient (and Kernow is the best patient relaxation officer I’ve met). I’ve never felt so relaxed whilst waiting at a dentist’s before. Jo is the most wonderful dentist; caring and professional; excellent at explaining and advising – you know that you are getting the very best treatment possible (and nurse Rachelle always has a smile). Debbie is an exceptional hygienist and has taught me how to clean thoroughly for the first time! I’d had a few bad experiences with my previous dentist and was initially an extremely nervous and reluctant patient, but this was quickly dispelled ¬ I almost look forward to going now! I can’t recommend the team highly enough.

Dr Carole Baker, Totnes, Devon

Without any doubt whatever I can say that Jo Giddy is the finest and most professional dental surgeon I have experienced. The care taken by her is faultless and her dental skills are of international standard. She has undertaken extensive dental work for me which has, without any trace of anxiety, been successful & has overwhelmingly improved my sense of well-being.

Richard Van Oppen, Berry Pomeroy, Devon

I’ve been a patient of Jo’s for many years and would wholeheartedly recommend her, and her team, to everyone.  As well as being a highly skilled dentist, one feels she is genuinely concerned about the well being of her patients and takes time to ask how things are going generally and is always happy to discuss her treatment plan and answer any questions and takes in to account some treatments are more challenging than others and is happy to involve you in deciding what to tackle first. I feel in such safe hands whenever I have an appointment at Hygeia and can’t speak highly enough of the whole team in fact.  And it’s a real bonus that Louise takes care of the dental claim forms too!

Shelagh, Exeter, Devon

Before I went to Hygeia, I’d had a terrible experience with NHS dentistry.  The NHS removed a perfectly good tooth by mistake (instead of the decayed tooth they were meant to take out) and kept removing teeth rather than attempting to save them.  I ended up unable to eat solid foods.  I have other severe health issues with ulcerative colitis and being on the mainly liquid diet was detrimental to this condition.

My dental problems affected my personality aswell because I was embarrassed to smile or even to have a conversation due to the condition my teeth.

I didn’t feel I had any choice but to carry on seeing my NHS dentist because I’m disabled and don’t earn a living wage to support myself and 2 teenage sons.

Then a trusted friend recommended that I try Hygeia Dental Care.  I decided to attend Miss Giddy for an initial consultation and she took the time to understand my serious health issues and gave me the most thorough mouth examination I have ever had.  She kindly worked out a remedial dental plan and made provisions for me to pay for her work in a manageable way.

The best decision I have made was to put my faith in Hygeia.  Just 2 days before the dental technicians closed for Christmas, Miss Giddy opened the surgery early to take several impressions for the dental lab to construct a new partial denture in an unobtrusive horseshoe shape to give me more of an exposed palate for extra comfort, plus with an added tooth and a different lining – this was impossible to do according to the NHS dentist!  But within 5 hours my new plate was made and then fitted precisely by this superb dentist, not rubbing or becoming loose and looking and feeling like my own teeth. Unbelievable service!

This resulted in my sons having their dad sitting at the dinner table with them being able to eat properly and chew the Christmas Day roast (for the first time in 3 years!) and having long conversations with them and being able to smile without being embarrassed.  Miss Giddy made not only my Christmas but also my sons’, having back the dad they know – and being able to eat healthier will help my colitis.  And I was able to spread the cost for having this bespoke personal treatment by being able to pay in instalments, which means a lot to a person surviving on disability benefits and raising 2 teenage sons.

Hygeia is a friendly small practice with a superb dentist who takes great pride in her work – the appointment is not done rapidly with urgency to get the next patient in the chair.  No, with this perfectionist the treatment is not over until both yourself and Miss Giddy are both totally happy with the treatment.

The practice is easy to get to and has free parking.  As soon as you enter the reception room you are always greeted by the friendly receptionist and offered a complimentary coffee or water, it’s like sitting in someone’s cosy living room with subtle background music.  Honestly, it’s like a family run business with state of the art equipment, expertly used by the most pleasant dentist you will ever meet who is so passionate about her work and patients, going the extra mile and understanding the patient’s circumstances.  You will never find a better dentist in the South West.

I personally have so much to thank Hygeia for, giving me back my smile and confidence along with the benefit of being able to eat healthy food that I could only dream about until I went to this perfectionist dentist.  I would like to thank all at Hygeia for being so kind and thoughtful; and taking pride in restoring teeth to look original rather than just extracting them.

I cannot recommend this practice enough.

Paul Dixon, Ivybridge, Devon

You are a credit to your profession… we think you are a brilliant dentist!

Antia Daw, Andalucia, Spain

It feels like your living room, not a clinical dentist practice.


You are not being processed through an office.

Chris Welby, Paignton, Devon

Excellent. I have full confidence in the procedures and attention to detail.  That is why I prefer to come to Hygeia.

Dr Barbara Allmark, Broadhempston, Devon

I choose to come to Hygeia because of your reputation for caring excellence.

Kay Anthony, Retired Dentist, Tavistock, Devon

Jo has done an amazing job on my teeth – I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Thank you.

Amanda Wakefield, Newton Abbot, Devon

Excellent. Really comfortable waiting room (nice little library) & very impressed with your dentistry (artistry!)

Really pleased to have found you (just wish I’d done so earlier…)

David Austin, Axmouth, Devon

Lovely dentist’s surgery! Louise on reception and Jo the dentist – brilliant! Kind, understanding, sympathetic, humane and very professional, careful, competent, diligent, thorough and considerate with it – wonderful people! Dental care this kind and this good for everyone!

Leaf Lovejoy, Stoke Gabriel, Devon

I’ve always been treated with sensitivity and caring. It’s the best dental practice I’ve ever visited!

Sarah Paice, Totnes, Devon

I would not consider going anywhere else. It is an outstanding practice.

Tim Bowler, Broadhempston, Devon

I’d happily recommend Jo to anyone! She is the most considerate and gentle dentist I’ve ever had.

Trudy Turrel, Dartington, Devon

I think it is not like going to the dentist! And that is a huge compliment. Highly professional and warm, friendly, welcoming and reassuring. Totally respectful and the commitment to prevention and painless treatment is superbly carried out in practice on every visit. You are an example to the good ole fear-driven time-pressured NHS. A shining example, in fact. All combined with warmth and a feeling of being unique and supported. And it feels genuine. That’s because it is.

Carolyn Butt, South Brent, Devon

The wonderful Jo and her team have restored my faith in dentistry, and believe me, I have had some horrible experiences in the past. Appointments at Hygeia hold no fear or dread for me whatever, I know I am always in safe hands, and have found there only kindness and excellent care.

Di Cater, Totnes, Devon

Best dentist I have ever had. Actually cares about their clients and the state of their teeth!

Karen Sahraian-Jahromi, South Brent, Devon

Wonderful. Friendly, welcoming, kind, thoughtful arrangements for patients to wait – and relax! – before their appointments. The practice staff clearly see me – and all their patients – as people to be recognised as people first, and you put patients at their ease.

Leaf Lovejoy, Stoke Gabriel, Devon

Louise is the perfect “front of house”. Jo explains everything and shows you what is being done via photos.

Lynn Whetlor, Paignton, Devon

This practice has challenged my assumptions about what dental treatment can be. I’m not sure that I can quite say I look forward to the dentist, but this is as close as it can get! Caring, professional, humane and human. There is a warmth to the entire practice – the decor, staff and dental care is both confidence-giving and enlightening. I’m treated with dignity and respect but also friendliness and compassion. The entire experience, from planning treatment, the superb waiting room which offers intelligent and elegant facilities and the care offered in the surgery has been not just respectful of me as a person but as a valued individual.

Alden Rodwell, Bovey Tracey, Devon

Jo is amazing – I have complete confidence in her. Everything that is going to happen is discussed and all different options explained. I feel comfortable asking anything I need to know. Everyone is kind and friendly and welcoming and go out of their way to give you what you want.

Pamela Kassabian, Dartington, Devon

Brilliant: friendly; incredibly helpful; good advice. It’s fantastic that I can have treatment without painkillers as Jo is so gentle. I am so happy to have this practice and really appreciate you. Thank you so much.

Fiona Howard, Blackawton, Devon

Jo has completely changed the way I feel about going to the dentist. Her fantastic treatments got my rather ‘shabby mouth’ renewed with white fillings and looking so much better. As I was getting married she suggested I might like to improve on my smile with whitening my teeth for the big day. I wouldn’t have thought about it myself but I was so glad she asked. The results were amazing and it was very simple to do. It gave me an extra confidence boost on the day, for my honeymoon, photos and the bonus is I still have fab teeth now long after the day! Put it on your “must do before the wedding” list – it made a big difference for me.

Anne Marie Horton, Stoke Gabriel, Devon